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Personal First-hand Commercial Property Loan

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 Product Definition

Personal First-hand Commercial Property Loans are loans granted to borrowers by IB for the purpose of purchasing the commercial properties traded for the first time and the purchased properties are used as guaranteed mortgage to IB.


The Bank offers special functions to you such as grace-period for loan repayment, EZ Pay and Bi-weekly Pay, with which you may experience individualized loan services!


• Application requirements

1. The applicant must be aged between 18 (inclusive) and 65 (inclusive) with valid proof of identification, proof of residence, income certification, and sound credit history;

2. The sum of the applicant's age and the loan tenure shall not exceed 70;

3. Applicants are required to provide a commercial property purchase contract or agreement and have paid the first installment as prescribed;

4. Applicants should have stable career and incomes as well as the capacity to repay the loan;

5. Applicants should provide a valid guarantee accepted by IB;

6. Each applicant is required to open a personal settlement account with IB and use a Natural Life Family Wealth Management Card for loan settlement transactions such as payment and repayment;

7. Other requirements specified by IB.

• Loan line, tenure and interest rate

The percentage of first installment shall not be below 50%; the loan tenure shall not exceed 10 years; the loan interest rate shall be not lower than 1.1 times of benchmark interest rate for the corresponding tenure and bracket as announced by the PBOC. For specific loan requirements, please consult your local branch.

• Mode of repayment

Generally, the loan should be repaid with principal and interest monthly, or other methods recognized by our bank.

• Application materials

1. Valid proof of identification, household register or valid proof of residence and marriage certification of the borrower and his/her spouse;

2. Proof of income and other assets of the borrower and his/her spouse;

3. Contract for purchase of commodity property;

4. Other materials as required by IB.

(The above contents are only for reference and the specific handling requirements are subject to provisions of local IB branches. Please consult the local IB branches for details before going through relevant formalities.)