IB Flash Loan


  1. Lending Amount: up to RMB 300,000

2.Validity period of credit limit:up to 3 years

  1. 3. Annual interest rate (single interest): as low as LPR
  2. 4. More pluses: collateral-free, easy accessibility, quick deal and instant service



  1. Online consumer loan service at IB,is mainly used for personal consumption purposes.
  2. The amount is up to RMB 300,000, the credit limit is valid for up to 3 years, and the AIR starts from LPR.
  3. The line of credit is granted and enhanced online based on your creditworthiness evaluation.
  4. Online loan approval and instant disbursement to your account.
  5. Pay-as-you-go schedule, daily interest system and early repayment option.



  1. Chinese nationals (excl. Residents in Hong Kong, Macau or and Taiwan), having full capacity for civil conduct and loan repayment capacity, and in the age bracket of 23 - 60 years old (incl.);  
  2. Sound credit clearance;
  3. Additional requirements.


Kindly Reminders

  1. Credit limit and interest rate are subject to approval.If the limit exceeds RMB200000, offline withdrawal procedures must be processed.
  2. No loan shall go for property purchases or purposes as prohibited or restricted by laws and regulations, including but not limited to any investments in stock, FX, futures, funds and/or gold trading.
  3. You are advised that lending within your means, rational loan consumption and due repayment are a good credit behavior and sound wealth management approach.