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personal study-abroad loan

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RMB Loan issued by IB to borrowers for expenditures of study at overseas (including HK, Macau and Taiwan) middle schools, universities and graduate schools (including preparatory course)

Among which, withdrawal loan can be withdrew and paid for tuition fee, living costs and other actual expenses during study abroad; non-withdrawal loan will be frozen and can only be used for issuing deposit certificate for study application.


1. Wide coverage: cover middle schools, universities and graduate schools.

2. Wide uses: deposits, tuition fee, living costs, accommodation fee and agency fee

3. Flexible guarantees: pledge, mortgage, guarantee and credit

4 Easy repayment: loan tenure may reach 10 years at most, making repayment easier.

User's Guide

• Application requirements

1. Applicants must be Chinese citizens (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents) aged between 18 to 60 that have full civil capacity with sound credit history.

2. Applicants shall have proper job with stable incomes, and are able to repay principles and interests in time.

3. Applicants can provide legal and effective pledge, mortgage or guarantee acceptable by our bank, or have qualification in line with our bank's requirements.

4. To apply withdrawal loan for studying abroad in higher education institutions, the (proposed) student shall be enrolled by an overseas education institution recognized by the Ministry of Education.

5. Applicants must open personal settlement account and handle repayment via wealth management card of IB.

6. Other requirements specified by IB.

Credit/loan limit

1. The amount of non-withdrawal loan will be determined according to the borrower's demands.

2. The amount of non-withdrawal loan shall not exceed the study expenses of proposed students.

Credit/loan period

1. The period of non-withdrawal loan is 3 months at the minimum, and will be granted according to the borrower's needs.

2. The period of withdrawal loan will be 1 year at the minimum and 10 years at the maximum.

 Loan interest rate

As per the rules of IB's local branch.

Mode of repayment

1. If the loan period is less than one year (including one year), both the principal and interest can be repaid in each month or interest may be paid each month and the principal is repaid in lump sum upon maturity;

2. If the loan period is more than more year, both the principal and interest can be repaid in each month or interest may be paid each month and the principal is repaid by installment (in every 3 months or 6 months at most; repayment by constant amortization).

 Application materials

1. For students plan to study abroad, applicants should provide letter of admission (including pre-admission letter) received.

For students have not received letter of admission yet, applicants should provide evidences of study abroad application, such as contracts with education agencies.

For students received study visas and have not attended school yet, applicants should provide student's passport, study visa and letter of admission.

For students already attended school abroad, applicants should provide student's passport, study visa, exit/entry record and payment certificate of tuition fee for the last year.

2. Borrower's ID card, household registration booklet, marriage certificate, work and income proof, property ownership certificate and relation proof between the borrower and the student.

3. Other materials to be provided as required by IB.

(The above contents are only for reference and the specific handling requirements are subject to provisions of local IB branches. Please consult the local IB branches for details before going through relevant procedures.)