Personal First-hand Housing Loan

Key Features

Application process is available both online and offline; Exclusive relationship manager is at your service.


1. Definition: Specifically tailored for the purchase of newly constructed commercial residential buildings, with the acquired property serving as mortgage collateral to IB.

2. Loan Amount: In adherence to local Home Purchase and Loan Restriction Policies, the loan value can escalate to a maximum of 80% of the property's acquisition cost.

3. Loan Tenure: The loan tenure is capped at a span of 30 years.

4. Loan Interest Rates: For first-time personal commercial residential property loans, the baseline annual interest rate stands 20 basis points below the LPR. The second-time personal commercial residential property loans bear a minimum annual interest rate equivalent to LPR plus 60 basis points.


1.Aged between 18 (inclusive) and 65 (inclusive) with valid legal identification, certificate of residence, proof of income, and a clean credit history.

2.Valid contract or agreement for the purchase of property in place, with the borrower having made the stipulated down payment.

3.Other loan conditions as specified by IB.

Loan Process

1.Online/offline application initiation by the customer

2.Dedicated relationship manager for offline support

3.Preparation of requisite documents by the customer

4.Bank approval process

5.Loan disbursement by the bank

Kind Reminder

1.The approved credit limit is based on the final review outcome.

2.For loans with floating interest rates, the annual interest rate will adjust dynamically in tandem with LPR fluctuations.