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Business Express-Simple Loan

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It means that with the settlement revenue, precipitation of settled deposits and family net assets of clients as the main assessment indexes, IB provides self-service circulating line by guarantee-free credit to meet clients' demand on short capital turnover.


1. Easy and convenient application  

Considering settlement revenue, precipitation of settled deposits and family net assets of customers, line of credit will be verified rapidly and requires no guarantee.

2. Fast approval

Standardized and collective review mode is adopted, ensuring fast approval of loan.

3. Easy to use

Clients can use or repay loan via Internet banking or mobile banking at any time, saving interest expenditure and efforts.

4. High line of credit

The line of credit may up to 2 million yuan.

5. Flexible term

The term of single loan may be as short as 7 days, and as long as 1 year.


• Application requirements

It mainly targets at individual business operators, small and micro business owners and Business Express clients with steady cash flow and objects of payment settlement.

1. Applicant must be Chinese citizens aged between 18 (inclusive) to 60 (inclusive) years old that have full civil capacity, and shall have local household register, permanent residence certificate or valid certification of residence.

2. Applicant (and his or her spouse) and their business has no negative credit record in our bank or other financial institutes.

3. The monthly settlement revenue of applicant's valid settlement account shall not be less than 200,000 yuan in last 3-6 months.

4. The business body should have been founded and under normal operation for one year or longer, or there are evidences to prove that applicants have been engaged in the same industry for three years or longer.

5. Other requirements specified by IB.

• Loan line, tenure and interest rate

1. Loan line: 100,000 yuan to the minimum, 2 million yuan to the maximum.

2. Tenure: the tenure for line of credit shall not be longer than 1 year, and single loan under the line could be 7 days at least, but not beyond the maturity date of credit at last.

3. Interest: interest shall be calculated according to the actual days of loan and corresponding interest rate.

• Guarantee method

Credit, no collateral or guarantee needed.

• Method of repayment

1. The principal and interest can be paid in a lump-sum upon maturity.

2. Repay loan in part or whole

1) if the period of loan is longer than 7 days (inclusive), repayment can be handled at Internet banking, mobile banking and our outlets;

2) if the period of loan is less than 7 days, repayment shall be handled at our outlets.

• Application materials

1. Identity certifications and marriage certification (or unmarried status announcement) of the borrower and his or her spouse;

2. Business license that is through annual inspection or annual report filing;

3. Statements of account and related capital out/in proof of the borrower and his/her business with our settlement account;

4. Family assets proof of the borrower (including his/her spouse and minor children);

5. Other materials as required by IB.

(The above contents are only for reference and the specific handling requirements are subject to provisions of local IB branches. Please consult your nearby IB outlets beforehand.)