Featured VIP Value-added Service

• High-end value-added private banking services

IB provides diamond customers with private banking with high-end themed activities such as preferential booking of business aircraft, overseas education manager, culture lecture and artwork club. You can enjoy dignified experience from these top-class services tailored for you.

 • Comprehensive pension financial service

Enjoyable Life means a stable and happy life. It integrates outer comfort and inner happiness. "Enjoyable Life" comprehensive service program selects a series of exclusive value-added services from insurances, legal service, healthcare to leisure and vacation for middle-aged and elderly customers. It will ensure insurance for the elderly, contribution of the elderly, medical care for the elderly and enjoyment of the elderly for you and your families.

Local featured value-added services

Local branches will provide you with various VIP services featured local characteristics in leisure, entertainment, health and other aspects of life. Please consult your local outlets for details.

Method of Service: Please contact your wealth manager/account manager to enjoy various featured VIP value-added services.