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VIP value-added service

Premium Services, Exclusive to You

Adhering to the concept of "Growing Together with Sincere Service", IB has always been dedicated to providing VIP clients with professional financial products and services and sincere cares in travel, health and life by integrating well known domestic service resources, allowing you to enjoy quality service and healthy life. Becoming a VIP client of IB Natural Life wealth management card, you will have an opportunity to enjoy our customized 5+3+N value-added services. Premium Services, Exclusive to You

1. Service Targets

Diamond, niello and platinum VIP clients of Natural Life wealth management card

2. Services

 • Exclusive wealth management advisors to VIPs

 • Professional wealth management suggestions

 • Green channels at outlets

• Preferential handling charge  

 • Cares at birthday and holidays

Three exclusive services

Airport VIP services

Healthcare services

Redeem consumption voucher with credits

Various featured services

High-end value-added private banking services

Comprehensive pension financial service

Local featured value-added services

3. Delivery of Services

1. After you've reached diamond, niello or platinum level in our bank's assets evaluation, you can accumulate VIP value-added service credits ("credits") according to your comprehensive financial assets, and enjoy VIP value-added services by using your credits.

2. Please consult nearby IB outlets, wealth manager/account manager or 95561 for specific rules and descriptions of various services.

Our bank reserves the rights to adjust the rules of VIP value-added services based on business demands and market situations. Service program and rules shall be subject to the announcements on our official websites.  

The right of interpretation to the announcement belongs to IB.