Personal Banking

Exclusive Value-added Service

 • Airport VIP services

At present, IB has opened airport VIP services in major central cities across the country, providing services such as VIP departure lounge, special inspection passage, delicate refreshment, check-in service by commissioned personnel, commissioned consignment of baggage, and other supporting services.You can take a rest and enjoy a pleasant journey with such services.

 • Healthcare services

IB offers you with healthcare services including physical examination, medical appointment, medical guidance.We provide diversified package of physical examination covering comprehensive examination, male/female special check, check of heart and blood vessels and thyroid. You can choose suitable package according to your needs, taking care of yourself during busy working and living.

•  Redeem consumption voucher with credits

We focus on what you demand. IB provides redemption service of consumption vouchers (subject to local practices) with popular merchants, bringing various benefits to you.

Delivery of Services

1. After you've reached diamond, niello or platinum level in our bank's assets evaluation, you can accumulate VIP value-added service credits ("credits") according to your comprehensive financial assets, and enjoy VIP value-added services by using your credits.

2. Please consult nearby IB outlets, wealth manager/account manager or 95561 for specific rules and descriptions of various services.