Personal Banking

Credits of VIP Value-added Service

1. Service Targets

Diamond, niello and platinum VIP customers of Natural Life wealth management card

2. Accumulation of Credits

The credits of VIP value-added service will be accumulated monthly. You will be qualified to the scheme when your daily average comprehensive financial assets reach or exceed 300,000 Yuan, and credits will be accumulated to your account at the beginning of next month. Please consult our outlets or call 95561 for detailed rules of credits.

3. Consumption of Credits

1. After you become a diamond, niello or platinum customer of our bank, you can redeem the services with your credits as follows:

Services Credits consumed for single person/time
Healthcare Health examination 700


Medical appointment 50


Medical guidance 250
VIP Lounge VIP Lounge 100

2. Credits of VIP value-added services shall be used exclusively for VIP value-added services of our bank.

3. For your companies to airport VIP lounge, the credits will be consumed in the same way as for yourself.

4. For services subject to appointment, times or credits will be consumed upon successful appointment. If you need to cancel the appointment for some reasons, please cancel it timely according to various service requirements, otherwise the consumed times or credits will not be returned.

5. When your redeemable credits are more than 0 but not enough for a single service, you can over-consume credits and enjoy the service that can be used by swiping card, but other services cannot be used in such way. Your credits will become negative tentatively because of over-consumption, and any credits over consumed will be reduced first after new credits have been added. You may call 95561 to disable the function of over-consumption.

When your credits become zero or negative, you may not redeem VIP value-added service with it temporarily.

4. Invalidation of Credits

The credits of VIP value-added services will be valid for one year. Credits which have been accumulated for one year will become invalid at the end of each quarter.

5. Others

Our bank reserves the rights to adjust the accumulation and redemption rules of credits of VIP value-added services based on business demands and market situations. Service program and rules shall be subject to the announcements of our bank.

Please consult your account manager/wealth manager or call 95561 for details.

The right of interpretation to the announcement belongs to IB.