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Forex Asset Management Consulting

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It is a forex asset management service that IB, as your assets management consultant, provides you with investment plans for forex assets, operates forex assets on your behalf according to your authorization, pays returns regularly and refunds principal at mature.


• It meets your demands on safety, returns and liquidity of capital with guaranteed principal, low threshold, high returns and multiple options of terms.
• IB provides value-added services such as hypothecation, transfer or redemption in due time to vitalize your assets under wealth management.  
• IB sets up separate accounts and conducts independent accounting for your forex assets, and has a professional team for assets operation and risk managements.


This service is available for you as long as your foreign exchange reaches a certain amount. Bring with your valid ID card and IB card to IB's outlets to apply for this service. In case you don't have an IB card yet, you can apply for one at any of IB's outlets with your valid ID card.


Generally 1% of the amount subscribed, no other fees.