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Personal Spot FX Transaction

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【What is it?】

Personal Spot FX Transaction is a service to help you convert your foreign currency cash or foreign currency deposits in the Bank into another foreign currency based on a rate quoted by the Bank via the Bank's transaction system.


Preferential Rates

The system offers 9 currencies with 36 pairs of rate quotations. For some transactional currencies, bilateral quotations for purchase and sale are as low as 4 points.

Free Channels

The channels of transaction supported by the system include: the on-line bank, self-service terminals, the telephone bank, over-the-counter transaction and the mobile phone bank.

Convenient Transaction

The system provides multiple modes of transaction, including inquiry, controlled price, market price, common pending order, sequential pending order and optional pending order. Among them, controlled price, market price and optional pending orders were launched by IB before any other bank in China.

24-hour On-line

The system supports 24 hour transactions five days a week. Pending orders can be as long as 72 hours.

Interactive Messages

The system offers VIP customers a SMS message notification service free of charge. The service includes price prompts and transaction conclusion notices. Ordinary customers can enjoy this service for a certain fee.

Wealth Manager

The system provides wealth management functions such as customized quotation tables, profit and loss analysis, assets structure analysis and analysis of assets changes. It is the perfect helper for clients as they make foreign exchange investments.

Information Express

The system provides information on foreign exchange and dynamic information prompts, keeping customers up to date with the latest news in the foreign exchange market.

Bonus Points

Bonus points can be gained when making foreign exchange transactions (An amount equal to USD 10,000 equates to one bonus point). Points gained can be used to obtain value-added services and VIP gifts.

【User's Guide】

1. IB offers 9 foreign currencies for Personal Spot FX Transaction. They are: USD, HKD, JPY, Euro, GBP, AUD, CAD, SF and SGD. There are 36 pairs of quotations available in total.

2. IB implements the same price for cash and spot exchange in quotations for Personal Spot FX Transaction. Conducting Personal Spot FX Transaction does not change the type of the account.

3. For Personal Spot FX Transaction, the minimum amount is 100 USD or the equivalent amount in another foreign currency. The maximum amount is 5 million USD or the equivalent amount in another foreign currency.


1. The client is required to obtain an IB wealth management card and deposit a certain amount of foreign exchange (the minimum amount is 100 USD or the equivalent amount in another foreign currency).

2. To activate foreign exchange services for the on-line bank and self-service terminals, the client can log onto (IB website for foreign exchange trading), or select “Foreign Exchange Trading” in the personal on-line banking interface. Read the service agreement and sign it online.

3. To activate foreign exchange trading for the telephone bank, the customer is first required to activate the telephone banking service at an IB outlet (proof of identification and IB wealth management card required) and then activate the foreign exchange trading service over the telephone.

4. To enable foreign exchange trading through a mobile phone, the client is required to activate the mobile phone banking service at an IB outlet or via the internet bank (proof of identification and IB wealth management card required). Following activation, functions such as customization and inquiry of exchange rates, controlled price transactions, pending order transactions, inquiry of transaction detail and inquiry of foreign exchange assets will be available.

5. Counter services are available without needing to be activated.


1. Different branches have different policies for deposits and withdrawals of foreign currencies including USD, HKD, JPY, Euro, GBP, AUD, CAD, SF and SGD. For details, please make an inquiry with your local branch.

2. Branches may have different provisions regarding spread betting and customer level. For details, please make an inquiry with your local branch.

3. IB does not levy a special service fee for mobile banking. However, your mobile service provider may levy flow fees.