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WHT Wealth Management Service

IB WHT (Wang Hui Tong) foreign exchange wealth management products constitute a series of financing services presented by IB to individual clients. Acting as a professional asset management consultant, IB proposes investment schemes, operates clients' foreign exchange assets (as authorized by clients) and returns gains on investments to its clients.


Full Range Design & Diversified Varieties: IB has introduced a number of different foreign exchange wealth management products at the same time into the market to meet diversified demands for foreign exchange wealth management from clients. Types of wealth management include steady gain with guaranteed principal, floating returns with guaranteed principal, incremental returns with guaranteed principal, guaranteed principal with returns pegged to the foreign exchange interest rate and principal returns pegged to foreign exchange interest rate. Investors may choose any one or more of these services according to their own circumstances, such as asset structure and risk taking.

Complete Coverage of Foreign Currencies: IB rolls out wealth management products for USD, HKD, Euro, JPY, etc. in a non-periodic manner to expand product range in terms of currencies and thereby meet the differing demands of foreign exchange holders.

Flexible Terms for Your Choosing: IB products feature flexible terms, ranging from one month to five years, to meet varied demands of investors. Clients can choose a term that suits their own circumstances.

High Liquidity: investors with invested sums that reach a certain level specified by IB may redeem their products for cash as per the agreement at any time, and may pledge their wealth management products during operation for financing purposes.

Steady Investment & Secured Returns: IB always runs it clients' assets in a steady and safe manner with a yield rate topping the list of various wealth management products in the industry.

Customized Wealth Management Services: investors with an investment sum equivalent to USD 500,000 will be entitled to customized wealth management services from IB including separate quotations and tailor-made investment plans with flexible terms.

【Application Guide】

(1) Apply for a Natural Life Family Wealth Management Card or a demand bankbook with IB.

An IB Natural Life Family Wealth Management Card or a demand bankbook with sufficient funds deposited is required before applying for wealth management services.

(2) Fill out a wealth management product agreement

You can get detailed information on various investment plans from wealth management product managers at IB branches. The wealth management product manager will provide the client with detailed information regarding the products, such as their target clients, investment directions and the risks involved. If you decide to invest in our products, you will be required to sign an agreement for wealth management products and go through subscription procedures. (Note: in order to avoid improper sales and help investors fully understand their risk taking appetite and the product investment range, investors who intend to buy products which carry relatively high investment risk levels are also required to fill out a risk assessment form before subscription can be made).

Investors can also subscribe to wealth management products that carry relatively low risks through IB online banking.