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About Easy Travel

Easy Travel is a financial service solution launched by IB for travelers. Centering on personal travel loan, the solution also covers a number of other travel-related financial services, such as deposit certification, purchase of foreign exchange and travel insurance.

1. Personal travel loan: RMB loan granted in a credit way by IB to borrowers for himself/herself and his/her companies to pay for domestic and overseas travel expenditures.

2. Deposit certification: a borrower may apply loan to pay for deposits required by travel agency, and IB may issue deposit certification free of charge, if necessary.

3. Purchase of foreign exchange: a borrower can apply loan for travel consumption, and IB may release funds according to the foreign exchange purchased to the borrower's deposit account, and borrower may even enjoy favorable fees when purchasing foreign exchanges.

4. Travel insurance: a borrower may buy travel insurance before departure and enjoy privileged prices. When choosing some routes launched jointly by IB and travel agencies, a borrower can also receive travel insurance as gift.

IB is dedicated to provide travelers with more and better services via Easy Travel financial solutions and enable them to travel at ease.

Introduction to Personal Travel Loan

(The above contents are only for reference and the specific handling requirements are subject to provisions of local IB branches. Please consult the local IB branches for details before going through relevant procedures.)