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Introduction of Business Express

I. Definition of "Business Express"

"Business Express" is an all-round and multi-level financial service program customized for the group of "growing business owners" including the self-employed, individual industrial or commercial business owners, partners and owners of private enterprises, which integrates loan financing, payment and settlement, financial planning, VIP service and exclusive identification. "Business Express" services are dedicated to supporting the business growth of growing business owners and helping them to establish scientific financial planning so as to increase their wealth and better their life quality at the same time. "Business Express" significantly symbolizes IB's philosophy of "Growing together with Sincere Service".

II. Five Special Services of "Business Express"

For the demands of growing business owners on financial services, "Business Express" is designed with "five special services" with broad coverage, considerate benefits, complete system, and advanced functions, featuring "easy and fast loan, convenient settlement, value-added financing, and special VIP services", etc.

i. Loan financing

Easy application, fast approval; diversified methods of repayment for your choice within the loan term; provides diversified guarantee methods including mortgage, pledge, warranty by natural person, guarantee by market manager, guarantee by professional bonding company, joint-guarantee and mutual guarantee, and guarantee free for high-end, quality clients recognized by our bank; accepts non-local property pledge, making financing easier for non-local business owners; provides a single credit extension for a period up to 10 years and circulating credit line within the term of extension.

ii. Payment and settlement

A national all-round payment and settlement system consisting of nine channels – POS system, agency payment system, counters at branch offices, self-service banking, Internet banking, telephone banking, mobile banking, WeChat banking and Bank-bank Platform, provides secure and convenient fund flow and owner collection service with instant receipt. Payment, collection, transfer and withdrawal with "Business Express" POS and cards are subject to preferential commission charges. Logistics companies can use Business Express agency payment platform to pay payment of goods collected on delivery, payment of goods to upstream suppliers, and wages to employees. The system provides merchants with real-time batch payment and settlement services.

iii. Family wealth management

Providing individualized financial planning schemes to clients in addition to a variety of cash management tools and investment and financing channels, "Business Express" assists business owners to make a better use of idle money to maintain and increase value of individual and family wealth. Guarantee plans like personal accident insurance are provided, so business owners may focus on their businesses, free of worries.

iv. Value-added service for VIPs

"One-to-one" exclusive financing managers are provided to "Business Express" clients who are of diamond, niello and platinum levels and satisfy relevant point rules. There are also VIP windows and VIP financing service areas designated for them. These clients are privileged with priority and concession/exemption of commission charges. Moreover, value-added services, like health care, airport VIP service, free book offer and golf, are provided for a better life of growing business owners.

iv. Exclusive identification service

IB has exclusive "Business Express" cards designed for "Business Express" clients. Diamond, niello and platinum "Business Express" clients may enjoy corresponding VIP services with "Business Express" cards.

III. "Business Express" Products

i. Loan financing

Provide personal business loans to growing business owners. It is characterized by easy application proceeding, quick review and approval process, long credit extension, circulating utilization, convenient and interest-saving self-servicing, varied guarantee methods, online application, etc.

1. Easy application and quick review and approval

The procedures for loan application are simplified. An application can be approved quickly within five business days if the materials of application are complete and the loans under credit extension may be granted within the same day. It helps business owners to hold business opportunities in a practical way.

2. Circulating utilization with one credit extension

Business Express provides a single credit extension for a period up to 10 years and circulating credit line within the term of extension, thus avoiding the troubles in repeating application over and over again.

3. Convenient loan and repayment through self-service

After being approved with "Business Express" self-service line, clients may, have loans granted or repaid with Internet banking, mobile banking and telephone banking of IB through self service at home. Hence, loans can be granted or repaid at any time and this reduces financial expenses.

4. Diversified guarantee and easier loan

Flexible and diversified guarantee methods are provided, including mortgage, pledge, warranty by natural person, warranty by professional guarantee company, warranty by market managers, joint guarantee, mutual guarantee, and combined guarantee.

5. Online application and fast response

Apart from the conventional application at the counter, clients may also apply for loans on IB website ( applied, the exclusive client manager of "Business Express" will contact the client within two business days to provide them with full-range services like loan consultation and business transaction.

ii. Payment and settlement

1. "Business Express" POS machine and equipment

"Business Express" POS machine and equipment includes telephone POS and regular POS. The payment and settlement functions of "Business Express" POS mainly include business owner collection, transfer and remittance, payment agent, repayment of credit card and account inquiry.

(1) Instant receipt provides safety and convenience

"Business Express" POS provides collection service for business owner. Sales income can be registered at designated account in real time or on next day, saving the cost and risk of cash inventory and cash management and accelerating capital turnaround.

(2) Fee concession and diversified functions

Installing "Business Express" collection equipment, maintenance and training free of charge; business owners can enjoy preferential charges for collection and transfer; withhold and pay for water, electricity and gas bill for free; account inquiry and statements for free.

2. Payment agent service

"Business Express Payment Agent Platform" is provided free of charge, helping merchants to conduct payment in a safe, easy and flexible way.

1) Payment agent service for payment of goods collected at delivery

After collecting payment of goods on behalf of the consignor, the logistics company may use "Business Express Payment Agent Platform" to send the money to the consignor in batch and in real time. To increase the credit standing of logistic companies,  "Business Express" payment agent platform supports "real time guaranteed payment agent service" (pay upon pick-up) or "guaranteed payment agent service" (guarantee upon pick-up, pay upon collection).

2) Payment agent service for payables

Merchants can use "Business Express" payment agent service platform for payment of goods to regular suppliers.

3) Agent service for payment of wages

Merchants can use "Business Express" payment agent service platform to pay wages in batch to employees.

3. Multi-level payment and settlement channels across China

IB has established all-round financial service network and system that covers the whole nation and combines tangible and intangible networks, mainly including the following seven service channels:

1) Business outlets: as of Sept. 30, 2014, IB has 42 first-level branches, 63 second-level branches, over 1,500 traditional business outlets and community sub-branches across the country.

2) Internet Banking: "IB Online" basically covers all everyday non-cash financial services, providing corporate and individual clients with a easy, effective and safe operating and payment model.

3) Telephone banking: you can enjoy 7x24 all-around and professional consulting services by calling 95561.

4) Mobile Banking: "Wireless IB" supports various mobile devices with over 300 mobile financial services such as inquiry, transfer, wealth management and payment.

5) WeChat banking: by following "Industrial Bank" or "cibebanking" on WeChat, users can communicate with smart robots or customer service representatives with texts or voice, and invest Internet-based financial products such as "IB Red", IB Treasure, Smart Pal, wealth management products and fund at direct banking. 

6) self-service banking: Self-service machine and equipment such as ATM, CRS, VTM and self-service financial system enable clients to conduct business quickly and easily.

(7) Bank-bank Platform counter pass: IB has established mutual agency business cooperation with over 100 urban commercial banks and rural credit cooperatives, with over 16,000 counter pass agent sites. clients with "Business Express" cards may handle businesses like deposit, withdrawal, transfer, repayment of credit card and inquiry at all these agent sites.

iii. Family financing

1. Inclusive cash management program

As for idle funds of growing business owners, IB provides supporting products like "Cash Pal" , "Daily WLB", Periodic Fund Investment Program for Kids and Smart Notice Deposit, ensuring both of the fluidity and earning rate of funds.

2. All-round consultation services for personal asset management

According to the clients' demands, IB can provide financial planning regularly or irregularly, such as conducting family financial health diagnosis and risk preference tests, recommendation on assets allocation and portfolio, and preparing complete financial planning report.

3. Protection from high risks

IB releases insurance programs like personal accident insurance and customizes packaged family insurance portfolio according the results of diagnosis over the financial health of a client's family.

4. Various investment and financing channels

Rich supporting financing products are provided for the idle money of business owners, including various funds (great variety and preferential charge rate), brokerage collective asset management program, home and foreign currency financing product, and overseas investment product, etc. For Business Express clients of certain assets size, our bank also tailors private banking products and services for them.

iv. Value-added service for VIPs

1. Health care value-added services (applicable to diamond, niello and platinum VIP clients, with different service scope)

It includes high value services such as health checkup, register and appointment with experts, medical service guiding all the way, arrangement for hospitalization, accompany nursing all the way, telephone consulting with experts for 24 hours and health SMS. Health care value-added services cover 70 cities across China. All "Business Express" diamond, niello and platinum clients may enjoy such services available in their cities.

2. Airport VIP services (applicable to diamond, niello and platinum VIP clients)

IB provides "Business Express" diamond, niello and platinum clients with airport VIP services nationwide. By presenting their diamond, niello or platinum cards, clients can enjoy welcoming reception exclusive for VIPs in specified airports after their identities are verified. At present, IB has launched airport VIP services for departure of domestic flights in major central cities across the country.

3. Free book offerings (applicable to diamond, niello and platinum VIP clients, with different amount of free book downloads)

"Business Express" diamond, niello and platinum clients may log on Online Bookstore through computers, tablets, mobile phones and other terminal devices and download e-books at your choice.

4. Golf (applicable to diamond, niello and platinum clients)

In addition to the activities of "unlimited golf playing without green fee" and "unlimited golf playing on the training course", and preferential golf course reservation service, etc., IB will also regularly hold golf tournament and finals for VIP clients.

5. Other special offers:

1) Exclusive wealth manager: one-to-one exclusive wealth managers will be designated for "Business Express" diamond, niello and platinum clients.

(2) Green channel service: VIP windows and VIP financing service areas are established for diamond, niello and platinum clients who may enjoy all-round privilege and preferential offers.

(3) Preferential commission charges: clients who are of gold, platinum, niello and diamond levels may enjoy concession/exemption of commission charges in handling relevant personal businesses.

4) Others: qualified high-end clients can also enjoy high-end value-added service of private banking.

For details and service rules of VIP Services, please refer to

Kind reminder: the above contents are only for reference and the specific handling requirements are subject to provisions of local IB branches. Please consult the local IB branches for details beforehand.