(I) Introduction to Business Express POS Products

The Business Express payment and settlement (POS) is to provide financial services of bank card payment and settlement to enterprises, individual business owners, and wholesale and retail merchants. With only one telephone line and POS, you can realize the five functions of owner collection, transfer and remittance, agency payment, repayment of credit card, and account information inquiry at home, enjoying the banking services in an easy manner.

As a specially-engaged merchant of Business Express, you can collect the payment for sales with POS and increase dealing opportunities; accelerate the arrival of payment for goods and improve the efficiency of fund turnover; prevent forged notes effectively, and avoid the pressure brought about by cash count ing and cash safekeeping.

You may call us at customer service hotline of IB 95561 for extension 4, or contact with a local IB branch to consult the business or apply for installing POS. After the installation application is approved and an agreement is executed, our bank will arrange relevant personnel to install and commission the machine at your store and provide field training regarding acceptance of card operation, management of account affairs, risk prevention, etc.

IB will meet your business needs and create values for your business development with our “superior, efficient and standard” bank card payment and settlement services.