Personal Banking


(II) Features of Business Express POS Products

If you are a corporate merchant, self-employed individual, individual industrial or commercial business owner, partner or private business owner, if you are fully engaged in your business and have no time to wait at the bank hall, and if you need fast collection and payment at all times, this “Business Express” bank card payment and settlement product (POS ) is customized for you. It boasts great advantages in the following five aspects:

1. Accepting a “complete” variety of bank cards: supporting the collection via all domestic bank cards bearing the UnionPay logo;

2. “Fast” fund arrival to account: the transaction fund can arrive just the next day or instantly, accelerating the turnover rate of your funds;

3. “Flexible” settlement of funds: based on the merchant attribute, you can use the corporate account or personal wealth management card account opened with our bank as the receiving account, thus facilitating the use of funds;

4. “Multi-account” for transfer: the number of transfer-out accounts is not limited, and it supports the transfer to all UnionPay cards;

5. “Low” handling charge: a preferential rate of charge may be provided according to the features of different merchants.