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(III) Application Methods for Business Express POS

You may call us at customer service hotline of IB 95561 for extension 4, or contact with a local IB branch to submit an application.

1. Examination and approval procedures


In general, five business days are required from the formal execution of agreement to the installation and operation of POS.

2. Basic qualifications for access

(1 ) Legal business qualification;

(2 ) Fixed business premises domestically ;

(3 ) Complete with “three certificates” which are authentic and valid. The “three certificates” refer to business license, tax registration certificate (or relevant proof for tax payment), and ID card of legal representative or person-in-charge;

(4 ) A merchant should have no records of major violation of laws and regulations during operation, no unfavorable records in business transactions with banks, and no termination of agreement by another acquiring institution due to credit risk or fraud risk in recent two years.

3. Documents and materials required

(1 ) Business license;

(2 ) Tax registration certificate;

(3 ) ID card of the person-in-charge;

(4 ) A merchant inside a wholesale market must provide the p hotocopy of the lease agreement on booth inside the wholesale market, p hotocopy of the property right certificate or the certificate issued by the whole sale market management department fixed with official seal.

(5 ) An enterprise engag ed in regional agency of brand commodities and conducting wholesale must provide the power of attorney for brand agency or qualification certification;

(6 ) A manufacturing enterprise engag ed in the sale s of self-manufactured products must provide a business license with the words of “production”, “manufacturing”, “processing” or similar expressions in its business scope, and provide the letter of commitment for the sales of self-manufactured products.

4. Environment required for the installation of POS machine

(1 ) The environment for installing POS should be clean and dry;

(2 ) There must be socket for telephone line activated around, excluding IP telephones of China Tietong and China Netcom;

(3 ) There must be a 3-phase power socket available around.