Dynamic token

Brief introduction

The dynamic token is our new security verification tool after the net shield and SMS password. According to information such as account numbers, the amount of transfer, the dynamic token can produce a specific six-digit number based on the secure algorithm----the token password. If the client connect their wealth management card to the dynamic token, when conducting transfer, making fee and online payment through electric banking, the client need to enter the token password produced by the dynamic token, on the transaction interface, and submit it to the backstage system, the transaction will complete after verification.

Application process

1. Each client can apply for only one dynamic token, but one dynamic token can be connected to multiple management cards.

2. Clients can apply for the dynamic token at any of our branches with their ID and wealth management card, the wealth management card used for the application is automatically connected to the dynamic token.

3. Once connected, the dynamic token will be spontaneously effective on online banking, cellphone banking and various other online payment channels. Once disconnected, the dynamic token will be ineffective.

4. The connecting and disconnecting of the dynamic token should be conducted by the wealth management holders. Clients can conduct these at any of our branches with their ID and wealth management card or through personal internet banking service. On personal internet banking, the clients can connect or disconnect the dynamic token through the net shield. Clients can only connect, not disconnect, the dynamic token through SMS password.

Brief instructions

1.First time activation: after applying the dynamic token successfully, please enter the activation code to activate the dynamic token at the first time, and set up the opening password.

Daily uses: when using the dynamic token to conduct electric banking verification, first press the power button, choose the types of business according to the number button on the tokens' menu, enters the last six digits of the fund-receiving account numbers, amount of transfer, then entered the six digit token password produced by the digital token, and submit for verification.


1.The dynamic token can be used separately, or in combination with the net shield and the SMS password.

2.If the wealth management card is connected to both the dynamic token and the net shield, when conducting online transactions, the clients you can use the net shield alone for verification.