The Industrial Bank takes the security of client transactions and information extremely seriously. The Bank has established 12 security measures to ensure the security of its internet banking platform and set users' minds at ease.

Measure 1: Certification by an Authoritative Organization

“CIB Online” internet banking was one of the first internet banking systems in China to be certified by the China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center. The security of the system meets national standards.

Measure 2: Certificate Protection from the China Financial Certification Authority

The Industrial Bank's internet banking platform employs third-party digital certificates issued by the China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA). The China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA) is the only state-level provider of electronic certificates in China's financial sector. The use of these certificates ensures the security of transactions made online.

Measure 3: “NetShield” pre-loaded digital certificate

The Industrial Bank's internet banking platform employs “NetShield” small and portable digital certificates. Portable digital certificates are characterized in that they are easy to carry around and cannot be copied. This effectively prevents your certificate from being stolen by hackers or Trojans. An added bonus is that the certificate will not be affected if you format your hard drive or reinstall your operating system. This is currently the highest level of protection for internet banking. For clients that use preloaded certificates, the bank will bind the certificate to client information in advance, which means operation is made much simpler.

Measure 4: SMS Guard

Clients can choose to bind internet banking to their mobile phone number. When making transactions such as transfers, fees payment and online payment, the bank will immediately send a unique verification code to your mobile phone via SMS. The verification code must be input in addition to your account password, thus realizing the dual-channel security protection. SMS Guard is compulsory for purchases made online.

Measure 5: High-intensity encryption

Even if clients opt not to use a digital certificate for internet banking, the international standar d high-intensity encryption provided automatically by the internet banking service helps to ensure security.

Measure 6: Password Lock Protection

In internet banking, if the client inputs an incorrect password 6 times in a row, the system will automatically lock down the corresponding client number or account so as to prevent the login password or account password from being maliciously cracked.

Measure 7: Automatic log-off upon timeout

Once you have logged onto internet banking, the system will automatically log you off if no operation has been made for a period of 15 minutes. This prevents other people from making operations by mistake.

Measure 8: Personal Smart Messenger

Keep up to date with the latest changes in your funds in internet banking anytime, anywhere. The Industrial Bank will send an SMS notification to your pre-registered mobile phone whenever the amount of funds available in your account changes.

Measure 9: Password input using soft keyboard

In the Industrial Bank's internet banking service, key information such as passwords are input using the mouse and a unique out-of-service soft keyboard. This protects against Trojan viruses that are capable of monitoring what keys are being pressed on the keyboard.

Measure 10: Dynamic verification extra code

The industrial Bank's personal internet banking service requires the input of a unique dynamic verification “extra code” on the log-on page and online payment page. This is effective in preventing illegal users from using software to crack your password.

Measure 11: Preset verification information

Once you have logged onto the Industrial Bank's internet banking platform, the system will automatically display a verification message that the user has set-up in advance. This helps to prevent users from being tricked into visiting imitation websites.

Measure 12: Internet banking operation notice

After you have logged on to personal internet banking, the system will automatically display the last time you successfully logged on. In addition, the user can also access other historical information concerning previous operations. The management of user records is helpful in preventing possible security threats.

Supplemental: Security package for the Industrial Bank Internet Banking Platform (Safety level is indicated with in ★, the more stars the higher the security. We recommend that you select the most secure combination).

Security Package

Security Package

Security Level

NetShield + SMS Guard


Document Certificate + SMS Guard




Document Certificate


SMS Guard


Standard Logon

Friendly notice: In addition to the security guarantee measures provided by the Industrial Bank, it is also essential that clients maintain a high level of security awareness and sound operating habits. Please click on the following link for more information on security notice.

Please call the Industrial Bank's national customer service hotline on 95561 immediately in the event that you should notice anything suspicious when using the Industrial Bank's internet banking service.