Motgage Financing Account

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A personal loan product designed to reduce interest payments, reduce stress and allow for the flexible and effective use of funds.


The Mortgage Financing Account is linked to the borrower's designated IB mortgage loan. Depending on the balance of the borrower's Mortgage Financing Account at the end of each business day, the Bank will pay the borrower a certain amount of value-added income according to the agreed conditions and calculating rules.

【User Guide】

Application Eligibility

1. Existing and new borrowers of personal housing mortgage loans from the Industrial Bank;

2. Existing borrowers are required to have a sound repayment record in the Bank and have no outstanding loans;

3. The mortgage financing account is a current passbook or wealth management card account opened by borrowers at the Bank. The account must be the loan repayment account;

4. Borrowers that repay principal and interest in one lump sum or that make monthly interest payments and repay principal when the loan matures are not eligible to apply for the Mortgage Financing Account;

5. Other terms and conditions as stipulated by the Industrial Bank.

Documents Required

1. Original and photocopy of the passbook or wealth management card of the loan repayment account;

2. Original and photocopy of the borrower's ID card;

3. Original loan account or agreement (existing clients);

4. Completed application forms and signed agreement.

Please Note: The information given above is for reference only. Please consult your local IB Branch for details on whether this service is available and the specific requirements thereof. Please consult your local IB organization before you apply for this service.