EZ Pay

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[Product Definition]

EZ Pay means that customers with a medium or long-term personal mortgage may apply to defer the repayment of the loan principal for a certain period of time (a maximum of three years). During this period, customers are only required to make interest payments, afterwhich they will repay both principal and interest in installments after the expiration of the agreed period.

[Product Features]

1. Loan repayment expenditure is tied to the growth curve of the borrower's personal income. This allows for the optimal management of capital.

2. Reduce the burden of repayments at particular stages and free up the borrower's capital.

3. The application procedures are simple and the product is suitable for both new and previous customers.

[Target Customer]

"EZ Pay" is suitable for young white collar workers just starting their careers, people planning to get married, people whose children are studying or for others who could be faced with financial pressure at particular stages in their lives. It can significantly reduce the burden of loan repayments during a particular period of time, and release substantial cash flows.

Note: the availability of the product and the specific transaction requirements are subject to the regulations of local IB outlets. Please consult your local IB outlet for details before going through the relevant application procedures.

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