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About Pre-loaded NetShield Certificate

As the “Security Gateway” and “Theftproof Lock” for Internet banking, digital certificate is the safeguard measure commonly adopted in a global-wide range. It is used as the “Online Electronic ID Card” to effectively guarantee your fund security.

The third-party digital certificate is issued and authenticated by an authoritative third party and independent from both parties involved in a transaction, so that it is more authoritative and impartial. The certificate can effectively ensure the identity authenticity of both parties involved in an internet transaction, and the privacy and undeniable nature of transaction. At present, IB adopts the third party digital certificate issued by China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA), the only state-level electronic certification institution in the field of finance in China, to verify and authenticate the internet banking customers.

The pre-loaded NetShield certificate is the pre-loaded USBKEY storage medium digital certificate jointly released by IB and CFCA. The pre-loaded NetShield certificate means the certificate issuing method that a bank bundles the customer information and the generated certificate when a customer applies for USBKey and only after that effective use is enabled. Compared with the former NetShield certificate, the pre-loaded NetShield certificate does not require the customer to download the digital certificate, and it is easier to use and operate.

Functions and Features

1. Two-way attestation assures security support

The two-way identity verification by the banking system and digital certificate, and the transaction instruction with digital signature and high-intensity encryption protection can prevent various risks such as hacker, fake website and Trojan virus and protect the security of funds in an effective way.

2. Self-service business and free transfer of funds

With a digital certificate, you can activate or close such services as online transfer, online shopping, online payment and online securities by yourself. The flexibility in activating and closing the rights to use various electronic banking services enables you not to wait in queue at a banking outlet for signing agreement. Meanwhile, you can also modify the limits for online transfer and shopping, and respond to large-amount payment in an easy way.

3. More concentrated account bundling management

An ID card can only be used to apply for a certificate and more than one bank cards can be bundled to one certificate, and all your bank cards can be registered under the same internet banking customer ID for centralized management. This is more helpful to monitor and manage your assets.

4.“NetShield” in removable storage, worry-free safeguarding of wealth

The pre-loaded NetShield certificate is light and small and can be taken along like a key. Moreover, it cannot be duplicated and will not be affected by such factors as hard disk formatting and system reinstalling of computer. It provides the highest level of internet security protection.

5. Simple process, easy to use

The pre-loaded NetShield has pre-loaded the certificate into the USBKEY storage medium in advance, so the customer does not need to download the certificate himself or herself and can use it in simple process after installing the relevant management tool.

Additional Services

1. Expiration reminding and online extension

Within three months before the expiration of a certificate, IB will notify the customer by way of SMS, and the customer can extend the certificate online immediately.

2. Management tools for pre-loaded NetShield

The management tools for pre-loaded NetShield provide express internet banking logon, certificate examination, certificate download, password change service for NetShield, etc. Please go to the download center of our website for tools downloading.

Specifications of Pre-loaded NetShield Certificate

NetShield manufacturer

Giesecke & Devrient

Product model


Technical specifications


Imported 32-bit processor


Storage room


Physical properties

Working temperature



Storing temperature

-40℃~85 ℃



Waterproof PC high-strength enclosure based on advanced mould


Reading/writing times

>100,000 times

Supported operating systems


Interface specifications

Interface type

Class A USB interface


Interface standard

USB1.1/USB2.0 Standard


Free-of-driver HID standard


With USB interface, it can be used upon insertion without a reader.

A key pair is generated inside the USBKey and the private key will never go out of the Key.

Security Tips

Please click to see the security notice on the operation of internet banking of IB.