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Performance Report on Equator Principles

In accordance with the requirements of the Equator Principles on information disclosure and in the interests of summarizing our experience, we, as the first “Equator Bank” in China, will prepare an Equator Principles Implementation Report on a regular basis so as to share the advanced concepts of the Equator Principles and detail our strategic conception, practice mode, achievements and specific cases in adopting the Equator Principles. We hope more financial institutions will become aware of the Equator Principles and that more social parties give support to the sustainable development of economy, society and environment.

IB no longer releases the report on the implementation of the Equator Principles separately from 2009, and you may see the performance of IB in implementing the Equator Principles after 2009 in the corresponding sustainability report.

You may download the Equator Principles Implementation Report from the following link:

The Equator Principles Annual Implementation
    Report of Industrial Bank (2008-2009)