About IB

CSR Practice Model of IB

IB realizes that the connotation of CSR is in close relation with the principles of sustainable development, and they jointly extend the fields covered by the conventional commercial morality and enriches the contents of corporate governance. We believe that the social responsibility of a commercial bank is not merely limited to creating profits, paying taxes and making donation. Moreover, the profounder meaning lies in that it should timely learn and handle the concerns of the stakeholders by way of operating businesses in a correct way, and drive other enterprises and even the whole industry to perform social responsibilities actively by making full use of its special advantages and influence in the economic and social development as a commercial bank, so as to extend the effect of social responsibility performance.

Therefore, IB has, by making active innovation in business model, put forward the social responsibility practice model of “integrating righteousness into profitability”, namely to combine social responsibilities with our own banking business, implement such responsibilities into the specific operation and management links of the bank, and seek business opportunities during the performance of social responsibilities, so as to explore a sustainable and developable commercial model and social responsibility practice model in which a win-win result can be achieved between the bank and the society.

Based on this understanding, IB will combine the performance of social responsibilities and various banking businesses in an organic way, guide management and operation activities with the practice of CSR, observe the three principles of “moderate”, “development”, and “profit boosting”, advocate philanthropy innovation, and extend, promote and deepen sustainable development gradually according to local conditions.