About IB

CSR System of IB

With a history of over 20 years, IB has always taken "corporate social responsibility and sustainable finance" as the bank's core concepts and value directions, integrated the industrial attributes, business features and cultural connotation of the bank based on integrity, and constructed a distinctive social responsibility system along the basic dimensions of multi-parties including shareholder, employee, customer, partner, regulatory authorities, environment, resources, society, etc.

Major shareholders Expectation and demand of the stakeholders Specific measures of the bank
Regulatory authority The compliant operation
Stable operation
Respond to national policy and strategy
● Deepening and the philosophy of sustainable development
● Optimizing the social responsibility management model
● Improving the internal compliance and control management system
● Executing the national Marco-economy policy
● Supporting the development of our economy in the "new normal" era
● Preventing and fighting against financial crimes
● Participating in the sustainable development research organized by regulatory authority and research institute
Shareholder Stable income
Value increase
Good relationship management
● Good performance to achieve decent reward
● Continuing to improving the management of the bank
● Diversifying communication channels and improving value promotion
Customer Service-oriented         Creating value             Common developments ● Developing inclusive finance and innovating new financial products
● Promoting customer experience
● Common development with the small and micro companies
● Meeting the daily financial need of the common people
● Supporting the consumption credit
Partner Complementing each other with respective advantages
Mutual benefit and when win
Enhancing communication
● Establish a bank-bank platform to share resources and enjoy common development
● conduct industry communications to share experiences of sustainable development
● Conduct responsible purchase
Environment and resources Bringing into play the leveraging function of finance effectively
Using green finance to promote sustainable development
● The management system of environment and social risk
● Promoting the management skills of the green finance
● establishing the green finance industry chain
● Conducting green daily operations
● Conducting and executing the equator principle
Employees Cultivating lifelong employment capability
Creating a good working environment
Creating an equal and fair development platform
● Fostering an excellent corporate culture
● Improving the HR system
● Respecting and protecting the rights of employees
● Establishing an equal and fair career path for the employees
● Caring for the physical and mental health of employees
Community Taking responsibilities
Law-abiding and compliant
Contributing to the development of the community
Following the top commercial morality
Promoting social harmony
● Promoting community banks
● Raising public awareness and ability of finance
● Supporting charity causes and conducting public charity
● Participating in volunteer work
● Conducting dialogues and corporations with the regarding stakeholders.