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Custody for industrial investment fund

Introduction of Business     Features of Service   

Introduction of Business

Generally, industrial investment fund conduct equity or quasi-equity investment and participate in the management of promised, unlisted companies, and expect assets increase by equity transfer after invested companies become mature. Depends on different stage of targeted companies, industrial investment fund can be divide into seed or early stage fund, growth fund or reorganization fund. It involves multiple stakeholders including shareholders of fund, fund managers, fund custodian, and intermediate service provider such as accountants and lawyers, in which fund managers are responsible for investment operation and daily management of fund.

Features of Services

Quality, comprehensive and thorough financial supporting service: Fund can fully leverage the diversification advantage from IB to provide all-around and quality financial supporting services to invested companies, and IB can provide quality companies with credit extension to safeguard their capital liquidity, as well as financial consulting, restructuring coaching, sponsoring, underwriting and other services to help invested companies achieve leapfrog development.