Financial Markets

Agency issuance of bank acceptance note

Introduction of Functions

It refers to the business that as entrusted by financial companies, IB issues bank acceptance note to enterprise group to which financial companies belong and its member companies. For this business, enterprises are the issuer of bank acceptance note, IB is the acceptor and entrustee, while financial companies are the principal and undertake joint and several guarantee liability to the issuer.


1. IB issues bank acceptance note to enterprises on behalf of financial companies, increasing the credit rate of notes issued by companies and enlarging the acceptance in the market.

2. Financial companies pay security and provide guarantee to bank on behalf of enterprises, which avoids tie-up of too much funds of enterprises and improves their usage efficiency of assets.

3. It will be helpful for financial companies to play the role of financing platform in its group and to provide settlement service and credit support for enterprises group or members.


1. Financial companies apply for the credit quota for agency issuance of bank acceptance note from IB's branches.

2. IB submits credit quota to the headquarter for approval according to the qualification, funds demand and actual purpose of financial companies.

3. Once credit quota is approved by the headquarter, handling branch will, based on the requirements on approval notice, sign entrust contract with financial companies.

4. Financial companies provide relevant materials and true commodity trading contract, complete Application Form of Bank Acceptance Note, Power of Attorney to Issue Bank Acceptance Note and other agreements, open security account and deposit security.

5. After approval, IB handling branch issues bank acceptance note.