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Third-party depository for funds of clients settled in the securities transaction

Introduction of Functions

The third-party depository is a reform in the management system for clients' dealing funds, aiming to fulfilling the Securities Law and the regulatory requirements. In the business of third-party depository, a security company will entrust the dealing fund of each investor to the depository bank for separate management, and the depository bank will be responsible for fund deposit, fund withdrawal, and bank-securities fund transfer for the investor.

Based on the closed and centralized bank-securities fund transfer, inquiry via bank-securities channel, and supervising mechanism of the bank, the third-party depository ensures the safety of the investor's funds.

*It is provided in Article 139 of the Securities Law: The trading settlement funds of the clients of a security company shall be deposited in a commercial bank and be managed through the separate accounts as opened in the name of each client.

The bank provides investors with two-way transfer service for the funds of securities deposit account, and inquiry service for the balance of deposit account and trading and settlement details, so as to ensure the fund security of all investors' security deposit account.


It is safe and reliable to handle third-party depository funds in the bank – the safety of investors' funds are guaranteed with the credit of both the bank and securities companies, and each investor may inquire about his or her securities funds and give attention to fund safety via the bank's system.

*If any investor discovers that the balance of the management account is not consistent with that of the machine account for securities funds, the cause may lie in that the investor has securities trading on that day and the balance of the machine account for securities funds changes. He or she is requested to check the balance after the day-end settlement (the next trading date).

Convenient and efficient bank-securities transfer – an individual investor may go through bank-securities transfer in many ways, such as outlet counter, telephone banking and Internet banking of IB; counter, online trading, and telephone entrust of a security company. An institutional investor may go through bank-securities transfer at the outlet counter and Internet banking of IB.

Creating considerate and value-added services – the bank provides you with diversified support services such as reward of points, loan financing, personal foreign exchange trading, and VIP service, and a "third-party depository bank-securities co-branded card", which integrates the services of the bank and the security company. In this way, you can enjoy banking VIP service.


★How to apply for third-party depository

For an individual investor – Please go directly to any outlet of IB with your ID card (original and duplicate), securities fund card, and fill out the "Third-party Depository Application Form":

(1) For clients that have already had securities holdings (opening machine account for securities funds), please directly sign third-party depository client agreement over bank counter and go through the formalities for designating the depository bank;

(2) For new clients of securities, please open the machine account for the securities funds at the securities company and go through the depository confirmation formalities at the counter of the bank with the depository client agreement after going through prescribed formalities at the securities company.

*Securities clients who have opened machine accounts for the securities funds, if having IB card, may sign third-party depository client agreement over bank counter and go through the formalities for designating the depository bank.

* The above handling ways may vary with different security companies.

For an institutional investor – Only after having gone through the pre-designation formalities with security companies, institutional investors can bring the depository client agreement and securities funds card to go through the formalities for depository confirmation with the bank, fill out the "Third-party Depository Application Form", and provide relevant materials for opening account. For more details, please contact your client service manager of IB.

★ How to handle fund transfer and inquiry of third-party depository

Via security company – The services can be handled over the counter, Internet dealing, and telephone entrust system, etc.

* Institutional investors may handle the "securities-to-bank" service at some security companies, but not "bank-to-securities".

Via IB – outlet counter, Internet banking and telephone banking

Via outlet counter – please fill out the "Third-party Depository Application Form"

Via Internet banking ( – on the interface of personal Internet banking, an individual investor can choose "investment and wealth management" – "third-party depository" – "type of function", then choose "bank-to-securities", "securities-to-bank", "inquiry about transfer details", and "inquiry about previous details of securities funds" as needed, and operate according to the suggestions.

Telephone banking (95561)

Mobile banking ( (3G version) or (regular version)) – open Internet service on your mobile, log on the mobile banking system, select "bank-securities service", choose "bank-to-securities", "securities-to-bank", "inquiry about securities funds", and "details about depository transactions on the current day", and operate according to the instructions. Clients may choose "mobile stock market" at the "mobile market" on the homepage of mobile banking to view the market situation and entrust real-time stock trading.

★ Service hours

The service hours of third-party depository extend from 8: 30 to 16: 00 each trading day, and the business will not be handled at national festivals and holidays as well we the closing time of the stock exchange.

Note: Individual security companies may have different hours which shall be subject to the announcements of IB and security companies.

Kind notes:

* For an individual investor, after you sign the third-party depository agreement successfully, the bank will open the channels of telephone banking, Internet banking and mobile banking automatically, and you are not required to open them separately. IB's third-party depository system for securities funds only support IB card, but not deposit book. If you need to change your relevant information, please go through the corresponding formalities at the counter of business outlet of the security company; but if you intend to change important information such as name of fund account, type and number of identity certificate, please go to an outlet of IB to go through the formalities for changing the information of the corresponding bank account.