Financial Markets

Institutional Business Overview

As a department in the Financial Market Headquarters of IB, the Institutional Business Department, adhering to the idea of "extensive cooperation, sincere service, professional management and innovative development", is specialized in comprehensive cooperation with domestic and overseas financial institutions in products, channels and clients.

Starting to set foot in the financial market in 1996, IB is one of the commercial banks providing capital market banking and services to financial institutions in China at the earliest time. At the beginning of 2001, IB took the lead to establish the Institutional Banking Department at home, which is dedicated to become a professional provider of services to small-and medium-sized financial institutions and of capital market banking services. It has acquired multiple licenses in innovative business such as bank-bank, bank-securities and bank-trusts, constructed complete products and services system, professional talents team and extensive clients base, and generated sound reputation and unique advantages by providing increasing domestic small-and medium-sized financial institutions with business expansion platform and Internet sharing platform services.

In 2007, Banking Cooperation Services Center, the second-tier department under the Institutional Business Department responsible for bank-bank cooperation, was founded in Shanghai. It has created the "Yinyin Platform", an advantage brand which provides domestic banks with comprehensive financial solutions in eight businesses including payment and settlement, wealth management and technology output, thus developing a unique road both internationally and nationally.