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Custody for limited partnership

Introduction of Business     Features of Service

Introduction of Business

It refers to the business that upon entrustment of limited partnership and its executive partners and subject to laws, regulations and relevant capital safekeeping agreement, bank conducts property safekeeping, accounting, assets valuation, supervision of investment and disclosure and collects handling charge of custody. It features wide investment scope, less limitation on investment and other benefits.

From 2008 when IB entered the business of custody for limited partnership, IB has become the first to participate double custody model of "trust-limited partnership" set by limited partnership with trust plan as LP. It invests multiple categories including equities, securities, futures and art works. IB has established service center in Tianjin, Shanghai and Shenzhen to provide agency service over industrial and commercial registration for limited partnerships.

Features of Services

IB has established equity investment service center in places like Tianjin where offers tax preferential policies to handle industrial and commercial registration, capital increase, capital decrease and other matters for limited partnerships. Such value-added services have gained positive comments from clients as it greatly saves time and improves efficiency.