Financial Markets

Xin•Star No.1 Open-ended Institutional Wealth Management Product

Hexin Wealth - Xin•Start No.1 Open-ended Institutional Wealth Management Product: It is a wealth management product launched by IB responding to capital operation requirements of financial institutes such as small-and medium-sized banks, financial leasing companies and financial companies, featuring high liquidity, high safety and steady returns, It is a 2-year open-ended, non-principal-guaranteed product with floating returns.


1. High liquidity: The product can be subscribed and redeemed on each transaction day of wealth management day, and redeemed capital will be returned to buyer's account on the same day.

2. Flexible scope of investment: Subject to relevant regulatory rules, the product invests mainly on high credit rating and high liquidity products in inter-bank market, including but not limited to bank deposits, monetary market products, treasury bonds, financial bonds, central bank bills, bank acceptances, commercial bills, credit bonds with high credit rating and wealth management products in inter-bank market.

3. High safety: it sets a cap on the investment to financial products with low liquidity.

4. Steady returns: The annualized yield rate is far higher than the interest rate of current deposit in bank and SHIBOR.

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