Financial Markets

Overdraft for Corporate Account

Introduction of Functions

In response to application of institutional clients, based on provisional capital demands of clients in settlement, IB determines overdraft for clients' settlement account which allows clients to acquire funds and to use it on the same day of overdraft under overdraft line in the event that deposits in settlement account are insufficient.


Daily overdraft for corporate account is an innovative short-term financing service which is applicable for RMB settlement account only at present. Overdraft for corporate account may meet temporary and emergent payment demand of institutional clients. After acquired daily overdraft line for corporate account, institutional clients may bring application to IB at anytime according to their capital arrangement. After review and approval, IB may grant overdraft line to the settlement account of institutional clients who shall repay the money before the close of business hours.

It is a simple and convenient service which is helpful to improve the flexibility of financing facilities, boost capital utilization efficiency, lessen workload of cash management, save financial expenses and enhance management level.