Financial Markets

Financing guarantee

Introduction of Functions

Subject to policies, regulations and regulatory requirements, IB accepts legal guarantee given by financial companies to provide qualified clients with financing services, such as loan, bank guarantee and sight/usance letter of credit.


IB has sound reputation in both domestic and international market and rich experiences in guarantee business.

Financing guarantee business is useful in increasing the credit rate of enterprises and possibility of approval, avoiding tying up too much security of enterprises, assisting financial companies to provide financing support for enterprises group and realizing mutual support and coordination between IB and financial companies.


1. Financial companies communicate business products to be guaranteed, term and other factors with handling branch of IB which shall submit credit quota to headquarters for approval according to the qualification, funds demand and actual purpose of financial companies and financing body.

2. Once credit quota is approved by headquarters, handling branch will, based on the requirements on approval notice, sign master loan contract with financier and guarantee contract with financial companies respectively. If necessary, compulsory execution of contract shall be notarized and mortgage and pledge shall be registered.

3. Based on requirements on credit approval notice and relevant loan contract, IB grants loan or issues guarantee letter or L/C to financier.