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Wealth management product custody for commercial banks

 Introduction of Business        Features of Service

Introduction of Business

In the "Notice on Further Normalize Investment and Management Issues of Commercial Banks' Personal Wealth Management Business by CBRC" (Yin Jian Fa [2009] No.65) released in July 2009, it stipulates that "to issue wealth management product, commercial banks shall entrust funds under wealth management and invested assets to commercial banks which have business license of securities investment fund custody.

Wealth management product custody for commercial banks means that IB accepts entrustment of investors to provide wealth management product custody for commercial banks which have not acquired license of custody. At present, commercial banks in custody cooperation have reached 74, and the business has become an important custody business.

Features of Services

1. Fastest response: internal procedures have been organized to complete product report in shortest time in cooperation with commercial banks.

2. Coordinate business innovation: Based on compliance requirements, it provides flexible services in investment scope, supervision and disclosure of information according to clients' demands.