Financial Markets

More Hexin Wealth Products

Introduction of Functions

Wealth management products released by IB authorized wealth management branches to institutional clients in certain areas across the country. Its basic assets include trust products, bill products and other financial products.


1. Various terms: With terms such as 1 month, 2 months, 3 months and 6 months, these products may meet different capital operation requirements of institutional clients.

2. Flexible direction of investment: Subject to relevant regulatory rules, the product invests mainly on trust products, bill products and other financial products that comply with national policies.


Leading advantages: As one of the first banks to launch institutional wealth management business in China, IB released trust wealth management model and wealth management products which take banking credit assets package as investment subject firstly among domestic commercial banks. In the meantime, IB has a certain degree of leading advantage among financial institutes with advanced clients' assets management system, good wealth management brand and rich agent wealth management experience.

Convenient investment: clients may purchase wealth management products at our counters or Internet banking.


1. Institutional clients communicate their requirements on amount, term, liquidity, capital operation model and expected returns of investment with IB.

2. Based on their needs, IB provides suitable existing products, or customizes wealth management products for them.

3. Institutional clients sign wealth management agreement with IB after they make their decision.

4. Institutional clients transfer capital into wealth management account in our bank within specified period.

5. After wealth management program is established, IB transfers capital from client's account into IB's special wealth management account for investment operation.

6. IB conducts duration management of products and cashes upon maturity according to relevant agreements. Upon maturity, IB transfers the principal and interest back to clients' accounts.