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Trust fund custody

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Introduction of Business

It refers to the business that, under entrustment from trust companies and subject to laws, regulations and relevant capital safekeeping agreement, bank conducts trust property safekeeping, accounting, assets valuation, supervision of investment and disclosure of information and collect handling charge of custody. IB has now conducted custody cooperation with over 90% domestic trust companies concerning products involving securities, loan, equity, gold, art work, property right and usufruct, innovated new models like TOT and umbrella trust in the industry, and won acceptance from massive clients with effective and innovative services.

Featured products


TOT, also known as Trust of Trusts, through special design of structure, provides channels for small investors to diversify investment on one hand, and offers opportunities to expand for outstanding operating sunshine private fund on the other hand.

Umbrella trust:

As innovative structured trust products, umbrella trust realizes independent management, independent accounting and independent supervision of several portfolios under one trust account via special technological means. It can meet financing demands of small- and-medium-sized investors.

Art work based trust:

It refers to the business that trust companies convert art work into financial assets by issuing trust shares to social investors, which allowing social public to benefit from art market when they have no experiences and efforts to engage in professional art investment and/or no resources to buy high-priced art works. IB has successfully hosted multiple art work based trust products.

God/stock index futures/commodity futures based trust:

They refer to trust plans that invest mainly to gold, stock index futures and/or commodity futures. IB has successfully got through the settlement channels of the above three investment subjects and hosted multiple products.