Financial Markets

Institutional Borrowing

Introduction of Functions

Subject to regulatory rules and IB's provisions on credit management, IB provides qualified institutional clients with institutional borrowing to meet their financing needs in business development.


IB may provide institutional clients with professional financing service for their liquidity management based on their capital needs.


1. Institutional clients shall apply for credit line from IB and conduct institutional borrowing based on credit line.

2. Institutional clients shall open settlement account in IB for loan transfer.

3. Institutional clients bring demands of institutional borrowing to branches of IB according to their capital needs, negotiate interest rate of borrowing and sign institutional borrowing agreement with IB.

4. On withdrawal day, based on borrowing interest rate agreed by both parties, IB transfer funds to the account designated by institutional clients via large-value payment system. During the term of borrowing, interest shall be calculated quarterly according to agreement.

5. Upon maturity, institutional clients shall timely transfer principal and interest into the account designated by the borrowing agreement.