Financial Markets

Securitization of credit assets

Introduction of Functions

It refers to a structure financing that, subject to current regulations on securitization of credit assets, as a sponsor, IB trusts its trust property to trust companies which shall issue beneficiary securities in the form of assets-backed securities to investors, and use cash generated from such property to pay for return of assets-backed securities.

In securitization of credit assets, trust companies act as trustee organization of special purpose, and IB acts as sponsor, loan service organization, funds keeper and investor of assets-backed securities.


IB has leading experiences in securitization of credit assets. As one of the first batch of pilot banks, IB successfully issued assets-backed securities of 5.243 billion Yuan in national inter-bank market in 2007. 

With numerous institutional clients of small-and-medium-sized banks which have jointed Yin-yin Platform cooperation, IB can provide consulting service concerning securitization of credit assets and recommend cooperative trust companies for small-and-medium-sized banks.