Financial Markets

Bank-finance Direct Link

Bank-finance Direct Link is an electronic bank system based on Internet banking.  Where IB provides technology interface and financial companies develop existing financial management software, it establishes an embedded direct linkage between the Internet banking system of the bank and the financial management system of financial companies.

Introduction of Functions

With bank-finance direct link, it can realize functions such as inquiry of balance and transaction details, funds aggregation, allocation and payment of group funds, general transfer, agency exchange by financial companies, batch transfer and agency payment of wages, application appointment of withdrawal and prompt of transaction message.

Agency exchange by financial companies, also known as transfer via virtual account, is a function developed by IB according to financial companies' needs in capital management. With such function, financial companies can directly pay its member companies which have opened internal accounts from their bank accounts and partially replace the content of payment receipts.


IB can provide individual demands development service which compiles with the traditional habits of group's upstream and downstream enterprises according to the needs of financial companies. The system is easy, safe and stable with low rate of missing accounts. The settlement operation is convenient and safe, and capital can be transferred and remitted effectively. With a professional three level (headquarters-branches-sub branches) marketing service team, a comprehensive risk prevention and control system, quality and effective settlement service and timely and efficient emergency response mechanism, IB has served numerous clients and accumulated rich experiences in project implementation.


1. Prepare to open business:

1) Financial companies open account in our bank, enable corporate Internet banking, and sign Bank-Finance Direct Link Agreement.

2) Group member enterprises which opened account in our bank and need to aggregate funds shall complete Authorization Application Form for Corporate Internet Banking or Authorization Application Form by Members of IB Online Settlement Center, to authorize the management authorities of funds to financial companies, and IB will register the business accordingly. 

2. System docking test:

1) Demand analysis for financial companies: financial companies communicate its demand in funds management and bank-finance direct link with IB.IB offers customized business plan of bank-finance direct link for financial companies, and provides the joint of bank-finance direct link to financial companies for development.

2) Financial companies prepare front-end processor on which IB will install agency service software.

3) Both parties conduct joint debugging test, and the system will launched after successful test.

Bank-finance direct link of IB can be accessed either through Internet or dedicated network.TOP