Financial Markets

Insurance Capital Debt Investment Plan on Infrastructure Project

Introduction of Functions

It refers to the financial tool that consignee (generally an insurance assets management company) issues beneficiary certificate of investment plan to raise funds from consignor such as insurance companies and invest on infrastructure project, and pay principal and expected return according to agreement.

IB can work with insurance companies in debt investment plan on infrastructure project by acting as a custodian or independent supervisor of debt investment plan, providing guarantee for financier of debt plan, or recommending debt plan project and sharing resources with insurance companies. 


IB has obtained business license of insurance capital custody in 2009. With advanced custody business system and extensive business experience, IB can provide insurance companies with safe and effective service over debt plan. In the meantime, based on ample large- and medium-sized clients and quality projects resources, IB can be helpful to broaden project sourcing channels for insurance companies by providing potential financing clients to debt plans. So far, IB has conducted debt plans related cooperation with several insurance companies.