Financial Markets

Agency collection and payment of trust funds

Introduction of Functions

IB accepts entrustment of trust companies to provide qualified investors with services such as subscription and payment of trust products, return distribution, cashing upon maturity of trust funds and  transfer of trust beneficiary right.


With extensive clients resources, numerous outlets, convenient settlement methods, established intermediate business system and regulatory framework, agency collection and payment provided by IB will help trust companies solve difficulties concerning sales channel and clients resources, improve work efficiency and create favorable conditions for successful release of trust products.


1. Trust companies negotiate agency collection and payment business with IB branches, and reach initial cooperation plan on project profile of agency trust, business scope and type, transfer method of trust funds, charge rate and method.

2. Trust companies and IB conduct due diligence to trust project respectively.

3. Upon our approval, trust companies submit product for file or approval to regulators according to relevant regulations.

4. Trust companies sign Agency Collection and Payment of Trust Funds Agreement and other agreements, and open special trust account or trust funds account of agency collection and payment at IB.

5. IB conducts agency collection and payment of trust funds, and transfers raised funds into special trust account, establishing trust products.

6. Trust companies conduct duration management and cashing upon maturity according to relevant trust agreements.