Financial Markets

Trust Wealth Management

Introduction of Functions

Subject to regulatory policies and based on trust products, IB designs and issues trust wealth management products which risks matched returns and provides comprehensive wealth management service for targeted client base by applying professional investment methods and risk management approaches. Presently, IB implements admittance management to cooperative trust companies in trust wealth management.

It invests extensively and flexibly on various products, including loan, securities market investment, equity or return on equity, usufruct of special assets and portfolio of financial products.


In March 2006, IB became the first to launch trust wealth management in the industry. It has extensive experiences, large client resources, convenient clients' assets management system, sound wealth management brand and complete product lines, and performed written report to regulators in regard to the business innovation.


1. Trust companies negotiate trust wealth management with IB's creating body of wealth management product, and determine product size, investment direction and operating model, method and time of issuance, referenced return and duration management plan.

2. Trust companies and IB conduct due diligence to trust project/wealth management project respectively.

3. Upon our approval, IB and trust companies submit product for file or approval to regulators according to relevant regulations when necessary.

4. Trust companies sign Trust Contract, Safekeeping contract and other agreements with IB, open special trust account at IB and complete other preparatory work for issuance of products.

5. IB issues wealth management product, raises funds and transfers such funds into special trust account when the wealth management product is established.

6. According to relevant agreements, trust companies and IB work on duration management and cashing upon maturity for trust products and wealth management products respectively.