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Tailored assets custody for securities companie

Introduction of Business        Features of Service

Introduction of Business

As entrusted by single client (natural person, legal person or other legally established organization), securities companies sign agreement with clients and the Assets Custody Department of IB, and manage entrusted assets via client's account according to the methods, conditions, requirements and limitations provided in such contract. 

Tailored assets management can be handled under bank settlement model or securities settlement model.

By Sept. 2011, the business size of tailored assets management custody at IB has reached 10 billion Yuan, with over 30 cooperative securities companies and 260 products available which both leading the market. IB has hence accumulated extensive custody experiences and coordinated with securities companies in multiple business innovations.

Features of Services

1. Diversified business models

2. Fastest response

3. Coordinating business innovation

1). The first to achieve electronic statement (securities settlement model) in the industry.

2). The first to achieve inter-bank bond market investment with tailored business (bank settlement model) in the industry

3). The first to pilot stock index futures investment with tailored business (bank settlement model) in the industry.

4). The first to provide tailored business clients with equity pledged financing in the industry.