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Xin•Win (I) No.1 Open-ended Principal-guaranteed Institutional Wealth Management Product

Hexin Wealth- Xin•Win (I) No.1 Open-ended Principal-guaranteed Institutional Wealth Management Product: It is a wealth management product launched by IB targeting at capital operation requirements of financial institutes such as small-and medium-sized banks, financial leasing companies and financial companies, featuring high liquidity, safe principal and steady returns. It is a 7-day open-ended, principal-guaranteed product with floating returns.


1. High liquidity: The product can be subscribed and redeemed on every Wednesday. After redemption application is submitted, redeemed capital will be returned to client's account after 15:00 on the same day.

2. Flexible scope of investment: Subject to relevant regulatory rules, the product will invest mainly on 1) reverse repo of bonds and other monetary market tools, deposits in bank and other interbank financing tools.2) treasury bonds, central bank bills 3) financial bonds with IB recognized particular financial institutes as core credit subject, various fixed return financial tools with subordinated debt and hybrid debts as basic assets; various fixed return financial tools with AA or above rated core credit subject in open market with central SOEs recognized by IB as basic assets or core credit subject. 4) various fixed return financial products backed by banking credits or IB's credit extension, including but not limited to trust plan (beneficiary right) and other investment targets that complying with regulatory requirements. 5) Investable assets of wealth management product, self-operated investable assets, monetary market funds and other targets approved by IB's department with relevant authorities.  6) various financial portfolio with the above 1-5 as investment subjects. IB has conducted access management over above assets or portfolios according to standards comparable to IB self-operated businesses. Such assets or portfolios feature high credit rating, sound liquidity and complies with IB's requirements in authorization and credit extension.

3. Safe principal: As a principal-guaranteed product with floating returns, the principal will be assured.

4. Steady returns: The annualized yield rate is far higher than the interest rate of current deposit in bank and 7-day SHIBOR.

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