Financial Markets

General Profile of Yinyin Platform

Industrial Bank (IB) is a promoter and leader of bank-bank cooperation businesses in China, taking the lead to release the bank-bank cooperation service brand "Yinyin platform" to the banking financial institutions in the industry.

By combining the resources of IB, the Yinyin Platform establishes a professional, complete and flexible product and service system to provide all-sided financial service solutions to banking financial institutions, and to share with partners the experience, concepts, technologies, culture and products accumulated by the bank in the 20 years of development in an effort to help partners to develop toward the modernization path of operation and management and achieve common growth. In the meantime, "Yinyin Platform" also serves as a common platform for IB and our collaborative banks to share resources and achieve win-win results through joint construction. Based on equal collaboration, IB and its partners combine their networks, talents, products and services to provide clients with more convenient outlet services and better overall financial services through supplementing each other with their respective advantages and sharing respective resources with each other.

Beginning with such businesses as personal counter pass and agent access to the modern payment system, the Yinyin Platform has developed into one which can provide complete financial service solutions covering eight business sectors including payment and settlement, wealth management, technological management output service, capital and asset-liability structure improvement service, and foreign exchange agency service. Moreover, founded in Shanghai, the Banking Cooperation Services Center with a professional team is responsible for product innovation and client services of the Yinyin Platform. On December 1, 2007, the bank officially released the bank-bank cooperation business brand "Yinyin Platform" in Shanghai; In April 2010, the word mark and figurative mark of the Yinyin Platform was officially approved and registered by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce; In 2011, the service hot line of the Yinyin Platform "4001895561" and the integrated wealth management platform – the wealth management portal website "" were opened at the same time; In March 2014, "Manager's Wallet", the new generation of cash management product combing wealth management and payment "transfer station" was launched and successfully ascended to the Top 10 monetary market funds; to further develop an all-around "Mobile Financial" service system, the Money Manager mobile client and WeChat Bank was launched in 2014 in succession. By the end of June 2014, there have been 575 banks signing for cooperation via the Yinyin Platform, and 474 networked ones accessible online. The coverage of counter pass network has kept extending, with over 263 networked banks connecting over 33000 outlets. The bank partners of the wealth management portal have reached 189. The platform has signed agreement with 245 banks in China to provide information system construction and operation services and has delivered service for 107 banks.

In the future, the bank-bank platform will adhere to the development philosophies of "extensive cooperation, sincere service, resource sharing and complementary advantages" and the cooperation idea of "a common platform to share resources and achieve win-win results through joint construction", cooperate with all partners in good faith and advance together to make contributions for the development of the financial sector of China.

Service sector Products
Payment and settlement Agent settlement at counters, agent repayment of credit card, agent access to payment system, bank-bank postal route, quick payment
Wealth management Money Manager (wealth management supermarket, Manager's Wallet, bank-securities transfer, fund supermarket, agent precious metal trading), custody of wealth management products, agent creation of wealth management products
Technological management cooperation and output Construction, custody and maintenance service of core business information system for commercial banks and village banks, and non-local disaster recovery service of provincial rural credit cooperative unions, urban commercial banks and securities companies.
Financing services Comprehensive credit line, inter-bank lending/borrowing, inter-bank borrowing, discount on notes, agency issuance of bank notes, and credit enhancement
Capital utilization Institutional wealth management, institutional certificate of deposit, collective assets operation plan, banking wealth management plan, agent clearing and settlement service for RMB interest rate swap, agent settlement of bonds, bonds investment, forex trading, self-operated precious metal, sharing of research results
Capital and asset-liability structure optimization services Capital management (subordinated debts, hybrid debts), assets management (syndicate), liability management (financial bonds), management tool supporting liquidity.
Agency of international settlement Agency issuance/transmittal/confirmation of import letter of credit, agency document examination, agency guarantee, and agency collection, etc.
Training and communication Corporate governance, corporate culture, asset-liability management, risk management and joint training at home and abroad, etc.