Corporate Banking

Corporate Credit Certification Service

1. Product Definition

It is a kind of consulting intermediary service in which the Bank offers the customer, upon its application, a certification letter of credit standing to prove its credit status, which is concluded by collecting and analyzing the records of the funds movement and other related information of the customer within the scope of information recorded by the Bank. The credit certification services offered by the Bank to customers can be divided into integrated credit certification and single-item/multi-item certification. 

Integrated credit certification refers to the certification that the Bank provides thorough description of the records of the customer in the Bank and gives an evaluation on the credit reputation of the customer.  

Single-item/multi-item certification refers to the certification that the Bank provides for information and movements of funds recorded by the Bank on an item basis, no comment in general. Single-item/multi-item certifications mainly include certification of deposit balance, certification of credit line, certification of mortgage/pledge, and certification of account opening, etc. 

2. Product Features

The credit certification is mainly used for customer to give self-introduction, provide certification to partners and cooperation entities, and apply for business license, and for other purposes both commercial and non-commercial. 

3. Application Procedures

All corporations, public institutions and other economic organizations that maintain regular account movements with the Bank and have no bad credit records can apply to the Bank, fill in the application form of credit certification and submit relevant documents and materials.