Corporate Banking


1. Product Profile

EasyTrade means that, relying on the EasyTrade system on the corporate internet banking, the Bank offers a range of services to customers including online application, business notification and expert consulting for international settlement, trade financing, foreign currency exchange, and other relevant businesses.

2. Advantages

(1) Complete functions: online business application and notification of handling result are available for various international businesses such as remittance, letter of credit, collection, letter of guarantee, trade financing, foreign currency exchange;

(2) Leading efficiency: online submission of business application and real-time receipt of handling result greatly improve the business handling efficiency;

(3) Menu customization: Customers can customize individualized menus and functions according to their own needs.

3. Target Customers

Corporate customers of the Bank engaging in import and export, and other banks for which the Bank serves as an agency of international businesses and their customers.

4. Main Functions

Applications for businesses including issue of L/C, modification of L/C, acceptance/payment/dishonor, collection for import, letter of guarantee, remittance, trade financing, and foreign currency exchange; inquiry of common international businesses such as export L/C notice.

5. Business Procedures

If an enterprise has activated the internet banking of the Bank, it is only required to apply for activating the service of EasyTrade; if not, it is required to apply for the internet banking and then the service of EasyTrade.

Please call our customer service hotline 95561 or contact local branches to conduct this business, and you will be reached by our staff.