Corporate Banking

Financial Consulting

1. M&A Financing

*Product Definition

M&A financing is a product that funds acquirer to merge or control established and on-going business by transferring existing equities, subscribing newly added equities, acquiring assets or undertaking debts.

*Service Types

There are four categories based on the subject of M&A:

(1) Transferring existing equities: the acquirer gains the actual control of established and on-going business by receiving existing equities;

(2) Subscribing newly added equities: the acquirer gains the actual control of established and on-going business by participating in capital and share increase of the same;

(3) Acquiring assets: the acquirer gains the ownership of the material assets or key assets in whole or major part of the target business by acquiring assets; 

(4) Undertaking debts: the acquirer gains the actual control of established and on-going business by undertaking the debts in whole or major part of the target business.

*Service Advantages

(1) Multiple products and comprehensive M&A business system

The M&A business system integrates M&A loan, M&A syndicated loan, cross-border M&A financing and M&A consultant, provides one-stop support to customers across the whole industry chain. Besides, it also combines both financing and knowledge leveraging service by tailored trading structure and financing plan, maximizing the value creation during the M&A for customers.

(2) Efficient approval mechanism and professional support

Supported by professional support team and risk embedded mechanism, the system, by design and combination of different products and trading structure, helps customers to meet deadline in M&A with quick and efficient approval procedure.

(3) Convenient and flexible use of funds

Equipped with multiple products, the M&A business system helps customers manage the liquidity of M&A related funds by providing consideration funds of trading and bridge funds in M&A paid synchronously, and replacing the purchase payment prepaid in earlier stage.

*Applicable Scope

Including but not limited to:

(1) Enterprises committed to horizontal or vertical expansion in industry;

(2) Listed companies seeking the issuance of tailored additional shares, M&A and restructuring or privatization;

(3) Both parties in M&A trading who seek to merge equities, optimize capital structure and have demands for professional M&A service.

2. “IB Open Sesame” SME IPO Program

*Product Definition

Centering on the IPO of SMEs, the “IB Open Sesame” SME IPO Program provides comprehensive, diversified, convenient and safe financial service for SMEs at different stages, namely their initialization, growth and maturity, by a combination of several financing tools including financial consulting, direct financing and indirect financing, etc.

*Service Types

(1)IPO Service

Utilizing our rich experiences and good relationship with brokers and other relevant departments, the Bank can facilitate IPO for enterprises in domestic or overseas capital markets by providing consulting service such as pre-IPO consulting, selecting and coordinating with intermediaries, restructuring by IPO and facilitating IPO.

(2) Capital introduction

Based on good relationship with PE/VC and deep understanding of financing demand from enterprises, the Bank bridges SMEs and PE/VC by choosing suitable PE/VC and delivering related financial services to and for enterprises according to present operation of enterprises, industrial development and future development planning of enterprises, thus increasing the success rate and operation efficiency in introduction of direct equity financing.

(3) New Third Board Listing Service

In collaboration with securities companies qualifying as the principle brokers of New Third Board, the Bank provide total solution and related services to SMEs that have potential to be listed at the share transfer system for national SMEs to make offers and transfers (“New Third Board Listing”), to meet the requirement of capital market.

(4) “Investment-connected Loan” Service

For enterprises invested by PE/VC which is included in list of collaborator of the Bank, based on considerations such as investment management capacity of PE/VC and the prospects of enterprises, the Bank provide financing services with the application of multiple guarantee method, including credit, pledge of equity, guarantee or share buy-back by PE/VC.

(5) New Third Board Financing Service

For enterprises have been listed or plan to be listed at New Third Board, the Bank provide credit extension that uses enterprises entity equity held by the borrower or any third party as pledge guarantee. The products of credit extension include current capital loan, discount on notes, bank acceptance note, domestic letter of credit, exclusive of fixed assets loan and project financing.

*Service Advantages

(1) By taking full advantage of internal and external resources, the Bank provides customers with comprehensive financial services, including enterprises financing, capital operation, development planning and corporate governance.

(2) Close cooperation with cooperating brokers and PE/VC, low communication cost. Fast response to customers’ demand, tailored IPO plan and bridging PE/VC.

(3) Debt financing products provide additional credit line besides conventional credit extension line.

*Applicable Scope

The customers are willing to engage with the Bank and external institutions recommended by the Bank, its industry meets the direction of national industry policies and the future growth of enterprises is predictable and has good potential. In the mean time, the enterprises own core competitive edge, such as certain market share, technology advantage, new business model, scarce resources superiority or industry access etc.