Corporate Banking

IB E-customs Clearance

1. Product Profile

IB E-customs clearance, namely the electronic payment for customs tariffs and fees, refers to the service that the Bank provides to customers for them to pay the import and export tariffs and fees via the electronic payment system, with a view to improving the efficiency for customers to pay tariffs and go through customs clearance.

2. Advantages

Simple procedure, security and reliability, and non-local real-time payment.

3. Target Enterprises

All enterprises engaging in import and export and needing to pay customs tariffs and fees.

4. Business Procedures

(1) The customer applies to the Bank for the service of E-customs clearance and signs the relevant agreement;

(2) An entrustment relationship is established.

Please call our customer service hotline 95561 or contact local branches to conduct this business, and you will be reached by our staff.