Corporate Banking

Innovative Deposit Product

1. Intelligent Deposit Product

*Product Definition

The intelligent deposit product is an intelligent interest accrual deposit product the Bank introduces for corporate finance customers. The Bank conducts intelligent treatment to customer’s fund in current account or fixed deposit and calculates and pays interest for deposit according to the rules in agreement.

*Service Types

Intelligent notice deposit and intelligent fixed deposit

*Product Features

(1) Convenient and intelligent. After the agreement is signed, the system will process automatic transfer and deposit as agreed in agreement, without further procedures by customers.

(2) Considerable proceeds. The system will calculate interest on the intelligent deposit based on agreed rules in agreement, and customers can receive optimal interest proceeds of deposit.

(3) Flexible calculation of interest. When customers withdraw or transfer fund, by flexible and combined calculation of interest, the system will only process with the part to be withdrawn, and the retained fund will not be affected in interest accrual.

*Target Customers

The intelligent notice deposit is suitable for customers that have frequent fund transfer in and out and require high flexibility of deposit. The intelligent fixed deposit is suitable for customers with large demand and long term for deposit.

2. Structural Deposits of Corporate Finance

*Product Definition

It means financial derivatives instruments embedded deposit that the Bank receives from corporate finance customers. By link with the fluctuation of interest rate, exchange rate and index or credit standing of particular entity, it enables the depositor to achieve higher revenue while assuming certain degree of risk. 

*Product types

There are A, B, and C type according to the structural deposits of corporate finance.

*Product Features

(1) Manage by dedicated deposit account. The Bank sets up dedicated account of structural deposits for customers, and during the duration of structural deposits, it still represents the deposit assets of customers, thus leaving the assets and liabilities structure unchanged.

(2) Flexible deposit term. The Bank can set deposit term in a flexible manner according to the requirements on capital operation management of customers.

(3) Diversified target to link. The Bank can provide customers with diversified targets to link as to the product structure design and risk attribute according to the investment style and trading preference of customers.

(4) High revenue expectation. By linking to financial derivatives instruments, it helps customers to realize revenue higher than ordinary deposit.

*Target Customers

It is suitable for corporate finance customers that understand structural deposits and relevant derivative trading structure, and fully acknowledge and are willing to assume risk in structural deposits.