Corporate Banking

Export L/C Notice

1. Product Definition

Upon receiving the L/C or L/C amendment drawn by a foreign bank, the Bank advises the corresponding beneficiary of the L/C or L/C amendment, after checking the authenticity of the L/C and examining the L/C clauses.

2. Service Advantages

(1) Security. The Bank can provide the beneficiary with services including examination of L/C clauses and inquiry of credit standing of the issuing bank, so as to protect the interests of the beneficiary to the L/C;

(2) Convenience. Offering all-round advice methods such as SMS, e-mail and network, the Bank can ensure that the L/C notified by the Bank can reach the beneficiary within one business day. 

3. Applicable Scope

It is applicable to all exporters making settlement by way of L/C.

4. Business Procedures

(1) The Bank examines the L/C;

(2) The Bank advises the beneficiary.

Please call our customer service hotline 95561 or contact local branches to conduct this business, and you will be reached by our staff.